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kiadó apartman

kiadó apartman



At a quiet place.

The house has two stories, both floors have terraces.
There is an apartment with 4 beds on the first floor.
There is an another apartment with 3 beds on the second floor.
You can have a grill party and cooking opportunities in the garden.
We can also provide toys for the children.
(football goals, swing, sand pit etc.)

You can also ride bicycles which we can provide.
There is a parking place for the cars.

The house can be found directly on the sloopy hillside.
You can see the Cserehegy lookout tower quite well from the terrace.

Room for 4 persons
Bed: double bed and single beds
Equipment: Fully equipped kitchen with fridge. There is a shower, sink and toilet
Terrace: yes

Room for 3 persons
Beds: single beds
Equipment: Fully equipped kitchen with fridge. The bathroom has a shower, sink and a toilet. Gardrobe and a dining table
Terrace: yes

Pictures of the house

3-4 beds
at Lake Balaton to let.

* * *
Quiet place
cheap price
12 EUR/person/night

Details, description of the apartment, blueprints
You could find
detailed tourist guides,
and ferry
and boat schedule

Balatoni szállások